In a free market economy, the customer demands the best and is not concerned whether products or machines are imported or indigenously manufactured. His only demand is excellence in performance in every sense of the term. This is the philosophy that drives Sun Polymers, where Engineering plastics components are innovated from concept to deliver customer delight each and every time.

As an advanced injection moulding unit Sun Polymers has developed the Following competitive strength.


Our customers look towards us a one stop solution company for all their requirement ranging from mould design, to supply of Plastics components and finish products, subassemblies and assemblies.

This "One-Stop" strategy shortens procurement lead time by eliminating logistics problem related to the use of multiple suppliers; reduces the unit cost of the product through saving on handling expenses and meets the customers needs for a comprehensive range of products and services.


Our Managing Partner Mr. Sanjay S. Mantri has around twenty five years of experience in the Plastic Moulding Industry after completion of post graduate diploma in Plastic Engineering from CIPET Chennai (Madras) after completion of B.E. (Mech). Besides the Managing Partner, our other partner Mr. Ajay R. Maheshwari is a graduate in Engineering faculty and has got vast experience in the plastics processing industry. Moreover the Management team comprises of ten senior officers with individual experience ranging from seven to ten years, in the manufacturing industry.


Sun Polymers maintains close links with its customers via different network. This enables exhaustive discussions at every stage of the manufacturing process, thus ensuring quality and delivery as per customer requirement. The company also assists its customers in the product design stage to optimize the mould construction, to reduce the cost and complexity of the mould.