Freaquently Asked Questions
Q. About Sun Polymers

Sun Polymers has been established for the sole purpose of manufacturing of high precision injection moulded industrial plastics components, subassemblies, assemblies and injection moulds for Appliances, Automobiles, Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals & Medical devices, Consumer & Cosmetic packaging, Agricultural and domestic sector viz. Chairs, Crates, Pallet, Ghamela, lid for rotational moulded water tank, Automatic water level (Switch) indicator, Water tank connector, etc.

Sun Polymers, a company with over 18 years of experience in design, design for manufacturability and production; is supported by excellent infrastructure, highly experienced and qualified technical work force to undertake jobs of highly complex nature.

Q. How many and what type of machines are available with Sun Polymers?

Sun Polymers uses state of the art techniques and Production process that form benchmarks of quality and efficiency.

Our moulding shop is equipped with fourteen numbers of precision injection moulding machines, varying from 80 Tons to 600 Tons capable of moulding any kind of thermoplastics material.

Q. What we can process at Sun Polymers?

Sun Polymers is competent to tackle almost any industrial moulding problem. Sun Polymers has experience and capabilities to process following polymers, with and without (glass, mineral, talc etc) filler...

  • Nylon-6 & 66,
  • PBT/PET,
  • PPO (Noryl),
  • Polycarbonate,
  • Polyacetal (POM),
  • PPCP, HDPE (with & without Filler), LDPE,
  • PVC (Soft).
Q. What kind of products are developed at Sun Polymers?

Sun Polymers uses the latest computer aided designing and can manage to develop and to deliver moulds in the short delivery period. We have developed moulds of international Quality for some of our valuable clients. We have developed more than 1000 industrial products. We are able to undertake electroplating jobs in Satin Nickel, Bright Nickel, Satin Chromium, Bright Chromium, Brass and Gold, pad printing (4 color), screen-printing, painting, ultrasonic welding (2600 watt) and hot stamping on the plastics components.

Sun Polymers has the facility for assembly of Electromechanical subassembly, fuse door lock assembly of refrigerator door and side pulling handle for luggage.

Q. What commitment Sun Polymers gives about Time, Cost and Quality?

Our customers look towards us a one stop solution company for all their requirement ranging from mould design, to supply of Plastics components and finish products, subassemblies and assemblies.

This "One-Stop" strategy shortens procurement lead time by eliminating logistics problem related to the use of multiple suppliers; reduces the unit cost of the product through saving on handling expenses and meets the customers needs for a comprehensive range of products and services.

Q. How and where to contact?

We have a 24 hours fax facility. Our mail is checked very frequently. Generally we are able to respond to your messages within 2-3 hour in most case. Off course, for very urgent matters, clients can get in touch with us 24X7 at +91-98220 07676/98224 02476/99701 50161/99701 60162.

Almost 100% of our document exchange is electronic, however, when required, we send hardcopy documents via FedEx, DHL and Airborne which takes 3-4 business days.

Q. Other activities under Sun Polymers

Customers for the plastics moulding segment are increasingly outsourcing the parts for their assembly process. In response to this trend, Sun Polymers has started providing sub-assembly and assembly services to its customers. Although these sub-assembly operations will not be immediately profit generating for the company, it will be conducive in providing a comprehensive range of value-added services to our customers.

Q. What is the time zone difference? What are the working hours? How can we communicate?

We are located in Jalna. Jalna is located in Central India approximately 370 miles East of Mumbai. There is a 10:30 hours difference between India and US Central Standard Time (6:30 am in CST zone is 5:30 pm in India). We work from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. This usually provides some overlapping working hours between US and India.