SUN POLYMERS uses state of the art techniques and Production process that form benchmarks of quality and efficiency. With total land area 45,000 sq.ft., Sun Polymers, has construction area of 25,000 sq.ft. includes office, moulding shop, post moulding shop, assembly, Q.C., etc.


Our moulding shop is equipped with Twenty numbers of Injection Moulding machines, ranging from 80 Tons to 800 Tons (1 gm to 3500 gms) capable of moulding any kind of thermoplastics material.

Apart from Jalna unit, we have two more business associates from Injection Moulding sector, one from Supa (Ahmednagar) and another from Sanaswadi, Pune.

The moulding shop is equipped with required ancillary equipments viz dehumidifier, mould temperature controller (MTC), hopper dryer and chiller.

Sun Polymers is competent to tackle almost any industrial moulding problem. Sun Polymers has experience and capabilities to process following polymers, with and without (glass, mineral, talc etc.) filler...

  •  Nylon-6 & 66
  •  PBT/PET
  •  PPO (Noryl)
  •  Polycarbonate
  •  Polyacetal (POM)
  •  PPCP, HDPE (with & without Filler), LDPE
  •  PVC


We are able to develop Moulds as per your requirement. Sun Polymers uses the latest computer aided designing and can manage to develop and to deliver moulds in the short delivery period.

We are able to develop moulds suitable for Injection Moulding Machines from 50 Ton to 3000 Ton from very Good, Competitive & Reliable sources from India & China.

We have developed import substitute moulds for some of our valuable clients. We have developed Moulds for more than 1000 Industrial Plastics Products of International Quality.


We are able to do Thermoset Plastics, Electroplating - jobs in Satin Nickel, Bright Nickel, Satin Chromium, Bright Chromium, Brass and Gold, pad printing (4 color), screen-printing, painting, ultrasonic welding (2600 watt) and hot stamping on the plastics components.


Sun Polymers has the facility for assembly of Electromechanical subassembly, door lock assembly of refrigerator door and side pulling handle for luggage.