Shri. Sanjay S. Mantri (first from right) receiving the prestigious Award for the Best Entrepreneur (2001) at the hands of Hr. State Minister for Industry (Maharashtra State) Shri. Rajeshji Tope at Jalna, INDIA.

Some of the Vendor Performance Reports :

"We are pleased to inform Sun Polymers, that VIP Industries Ltd is in the process of evaluating Self-Certified suppliers which recognizes one as a Quality Product suppliers. Sun Polymers clears the criteria for Self-Certification as the consistent Vendor Quality rating is above 95% and Survey Rating is above 75%. VIP Industries Ltd observes that Sun Polymers have potential to become a Self-Certified supplier. We are sure that you will put in extra efforts to become one of our approved sources on Self-Certification..."

- P. R. Raghupathy
V.I.P. Industries Ltd.
6th Mar 1997.

"The items supplied by Sun Polymers are through to the Quality, and overall quality rating is Excellent. Please Keep it up.
Quality means delighting the customer by continuously meeting & improving upon agreed requirement."

- P. N. Godse
Universal Luggage Mfg. Co. Ltd.
2nd Sep 2003